Jubilee Days and the Parade

July 20, 2017

Babar the Elephant vanOnce again we had a unique presence in the Isanti Jubilee Parade on Thursday, July 6th. Volunteers walked and waved to the enthusiastic crowds. Carrying our banners were Paul Bergley and daughter Martha, Mike Lilliefors, Susi McCune and grandson Joseph, and Lynn True. Mike Peterson drove the van. Our stovepipe hats and elephant noses were quite a hit – even though they were pretty warm to wear on such a hot day!

FIAL Jubilee Days boothOur booth on Kids Day was a great success. In addition to selling our Deluxe Totes, FIAL t-shirts, and stovepipe hats, we played a token game for kids to win a new book (or a candy consolation prize). Our used children’s books sold so well we wished we had brought more along! Elephant noses like those we wore in the parade were popular, tooΒ 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to learn more about the ECRL Outreach Library in Isanti City Hall. Several people are now planning to donate books to FIAL (hooray!) They were surprised to hear that all our books are donated by community members, and that we had 3,000 items in our last Annual Book Sale in February!

FIAL Jubilee Days booths** Special Thanks to Mike Lilliefors who helped to set up, staff, and take down the booth – and he doesn’t even live in IsantiΒ  πŸ™‚

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